ToK quotes from the other day:

(Smith’s telling us about the time she ran a red light at six in the morning on Haygood)
Smith: “I just chose not to stop.”
Collin: “How many moving violations?”
Smith: “In 40 years? Two.”
Collin: “Any felonies?”
Smith: “Not disclosing.”

(Discussing things we condemn)
Brinn: “And I also dislike stupidity.”
Nick: “How are you going to look RIGHT AT ME and say that?!”
(I wasn’t actually looking at him intentionally. But he went on to say something about not tolerating differences of opinions in social laws, like marriage, and I turned to Gabby and said, “Maybe I was looking at Nick.”)

Valerie: “I hate when people chew with their mouths open. […] I will punch you in the face. If I know you.”

David: “His duty is to protect the well-being of the town, and the town is obviously not well since it just got hit by a meteor.”

And other classes:

{TaQ isn’t there yet)
Mario: “TaQuana died.”
Veronica: “How did she die?”
Mario: “She was too short.”

Ashley: “What is Gifted Advisory Board?”
Brinn: “Search me.”
Ashley: “No thank you.”

(An old one}
Surace: “They’re two different things… they’re not even spelled the same.”