Some quotes:

BG: My sister and I have this amazing metaphor for relationships. Those who “have their cake and eat it too” as Alex would say (meaning have a gf and potential/physical/emotional relationships on the side), are said to have a tub of ice cream in the freezer and then go out for more every so often. So I said something about being on the side as I was and…
Siarra: “So you’re the $.49 McDonald’s cone?”

BG: Katie talking about some project or other…
Katie: “…it was 20th Century inventions, and we did ice.”
(She meant like, freezer ice cubes)

Someone/class: *laugh*
Sarah: “Don’t EJECT the baby with the bathwater, not INject.”

BG: Adding ‘ey’ to the end of words (to be cutesy) annoys Valerie very much.
Zach: “You can have levels of intolerance–you can be intolerant of little things like ‘ey’ sounds at the end of words, or you can be Hitler.”
Valerie: “Are you comparing me to Hitler?”

BG: Zach was saying how the Netherlands was founded on Christian values, and therefore the people must need God.
David: “…unless the country was radiating Christian values…”

BG: I actually have no idea. But it was funny.
Dale: “I just want to ask Jessica a question–will you marry me? Cause…”
Class: *laughs*
Jessica: “No.”