Alrighty guys… Sorry it’s been so long since the last entry. Things have been hectic to say the least. I’m working on it. But regardless, here is a stock of quotes and funny stories from the last couple of days to amuse you:

BG: There’s a line in some soliloquy about a whore or something, and Camper is explaining it while we’re translating into modern English:
Camper: “When a man and a woman love each other, sometimes they do an action. When whores do this actionm they don’t always love the person, so it seems very contrived and it doesn’t mean much.”

Alex: (in a practice round with Patrick) “Remember that, it’s going to be a critical voting issue later in the round… and also right now.”

BG: No idea.
Walck: “…and you start having this big problem because it’s killing you.”

BG: Viruses and things floating around outside the cell…
Walck: “What if it goes into a cell? Am I doomed?”
Half the class: “Yes.”

Smith: “Ben Franklin slept with every woman around… and probably some men too.”

BG: Asking if something is a work of art. Collin’s considering his childhood.
Collin: “If it made it on the refrigerador, it’s either important or my artwork, and that clearly isn’t important.”

Zach: “…[the Mona Lisa] is like Chuck Norris jokes.”

Zach: “…before [Hitler] became super Nazi…”

BG: Five shapes… had to order them to determine things about yourself. We think the ordering is arbitrary.
Collin: “You can make a circle out of triangles and a little bit of calculus.”

And now we’re on to the amusing stories bit… And I have quite a few of them actually, so I think I shall number them for easy reading. Yay listing.

1. In ToK the other day, Zach seriously suggested that the reason there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after Bush said they were is because the CIA was led by democrats, and they supplied him with false information. Yeah.

2. Went to Bush Gardens with the fam today. Several amusing occurences occured. First of which: Was in line for the haunted house under Pompeii. Two annoying teenage girls behind me. One to the other: “You can grab me however you want.”

3. Went in the haunted house behind the bumper cars with my mother. This is the one’s that’s dressed up like a house. There’s a corridor with words written on the walls, and I stopped to read one passage, and this guy comes up RIGHT IN MY FACE. And me being me, I said, “HEY. You are WAY TOO CLOSE. And I’m trying to read this.” And the guy goes, “This isn’t Reading Rainbow.”

4. Haunted thing where the petting zoo used to be… The Wicked Woods. There’s a bunch of shrouded figures in this place. And these teenage boys behind us start shouting “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Which I thought was hilarious.