I am SURE there was context to this quote, but I cannot for the life of me remember it. I wrote it down because it was amusing, and now I have no idea what it means. Shame, as I’m sure the context was amusing as well.

The subject of tonight’s post is largely the TDL yeserday. Amusing things were said and occured, and I feel the need to document them.

BG: Brinn doesn’t like to be touched.
Alex: “I need to infuse the love of God into you.”
Brinn: “I’m agnostic.”
Alex: “That’s cause I haven’t touched you enough.”

BG: The next three quotes were from a round with that kid from… somewhere, Michael Jordan. So all were said by him.

“It’s easier to get out of prison than to get out of death.” (Obviously)

“My oponent doesn’t get it.” (Well I thought it was amusing)

BG: State of nature, but still…
“…we were always being violated.”

STORY TIME! Numbered for your convenience.

1. Turpin was explaining some philosophy of Kant to Alex while we were chatting in a big circle. At one point he goes, “If I use you…” and then a moment later, “If I use you and it’s mutually beneficial…” The amusing part comes in where Sonia and I (oKAY, mostly I) took this in the dirtiest way possible. I can think of several activites that would require Turpin using Alex that would be mutually beneficial. Heh. Then Spam yelled at me for having my mind in the gutter and I ignored him. Because I like the gutter.

2. In the same circle, Alex mentioned that she wanted to simultaneously marry Dane Cook, her aff case (she really loved it), and me. Yeah. Then when I made dirty references, she chastised me and said maybe she didn’t really want to marry me at all. And that was mildly upsetting because life with Dane Cook would certainly be amusing.

3. One of my aff contentions was about the brutality effect. Don’t worry about what it is. The point is, in one of my rounds, this term was changed into several similar but different ones including “brutalization effect”, “brutal effect”, and my personal favorite, “brutalitarianism”.

4. While waiting for awards, Gabby and I were sitting at one end of a cafeteria table (well, we were more in the middle, but at the end of the group), chatting with Neal. At some point, Gabby mentions that she sees Neal as a wife beater in the future. Neal says no, “I’d be the most loving husband ever.” And then Gabby says, “Prove it.” So Neal tries: “Marry me.” Gabby blanches and says something to the effect of “Uh…Idon’tthinksono”, and then Neal, continuing his previous thought, says, “I would fuck you so hard…” And whatever came next was lost as Gabby and I ran very quickly to the other end of the table.