Quote courtesy of my sister and father, respectively. It was very amusing. And under 100 characters.

Schol bowl meet against Salem today. There was varsity win and JV LOSS. But some interesting/funny things occured. So, quotes:

Victor, introducing the team: “And to my left is… David? And to my other left is Neal.”
(They were seated Neal, David, Victor, Ryan)

Boy on Salem Team: “Happy Feet.”
Taylor (who was timekeeping): “I don’t want to know how you know that.”
*A note on Mrs. Taylor: I really like her. She’s funny. We should have her around more often. She makes the matches so much more interesting with her comments. I like her a lot.

Team members introduce themselves. Greg’s introduction? “Mr. Karpov.”

Question: “Where were Chauser’s pilgrams going?”
The PA JV answer: “Home.”

Petykowski: “Steven, what are you smoking?”