That lovely display of Spanglish is from Cosimano in Spanish today. Also included? “She supo”, “That’s when I conoci a Maria” and “If you saber something… when you conocer something…” Oh yes.

Other quotes (from ToK):

David (on math as a universal language): “It’s not like you’re like, ‘Math math math,’ and they’re like ‘Oh? Math math.'”

Gabby: “I’m talking about Joe Smith–”
Collin: “It’s John Smith.”

This one is kind of a story. So for the math activity today, Collin had a marble launcher and we had to try and launch the marble into a cake pan. We tried a couple of times, and then he determined the correct angle with a complicated formula and some math. It involved some cosine and some tangent and such. Then he and Zach collectively try to give the marble launcher a practical use. Collin described it as a catepult, shooting bodies that died from the plague to a castle. Cause apparently they did that. Gabby’s staring at the two of them like they’ve lost their minds and finally she says, “So I’m sitting in Medieval England with this equation?”