QotD courtesy of Chris during English. Yay. Other English quotes:

Collin: *says something about Hamlet*
Camper: “Where does it say that?”
Collin: “In Foldgers … the large print, so I couldn’t have missed it.”

Camper: “[Rosencratz and Gildenstern] are the kids with the beer bong at a party.”

Toni: “…that they’re willing to die for something as little as Poland…”

And a story, followed by a quote. Federal cards were due back today. The other side of the room feels the need to discuss Donald’s. Apparently, his mother wrote on a sticky note that Donald is gifted and therefore the special education box should be checked. Really, the actual text of the note was funnier, but still. And this sets up:

Camper: “Horatio was like an IB kid like you guys. Except not like Donald. He’s not that smart.”
Ashley: “He’s not that special.”

And one more from bio:

Bower (about a flyer on MRSA for homework): “It’s extra credit if you come down with this.”