(Subject line courtesy of Walck)


BG: During the science presentation (my group) in ToK during a discussion:
Collin: “…like with how much bone marrow is in a baby. You’re not going to kill a baby, you’re going to take one that’s already dead.”

In J1 today:
Melissa Muldenado: “I take a hot shower, then have to go back in my cold room. It’s hell.:
Thurman: “…Hell is hot.”

In bio today/last class:

Walck: “Naturally, there’s no reason for blood to mix.”
Gabby: “…if you go around deflowering virgins…”

Walck: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
Xu: “Of the beerholder.”
(Okay, not that funny. But from Xu and in context…)

Walck (during a schpiel on immunity): “The baby in here is one big antigen.”

And one from English last class, regarding late Federal Cards:
Camper: “…then they start hasseling me, and you know what happens when they hassel me?”
Class: “…You hassel us?”
Camper: “They lead me away in handcuffs. I don’t take hasseling well.”

And now the bulk of them. So Saturday was middle school debate judging. Of course, those kids provide a ton of amusing quotes. So here they are, arranged by round. BG: The resolution is about increasing health aide to Africa, but they can’t talk about AIDS or STDs or genital mutilation or pretty much anything to do with sex. No AIDS, I know.

Round One:

A parent before the round: “Are you as young as you look.” Me: “I’m a senior, actually.” Parent: *surprised* “Oh.”

In cross ex: “Can you prove that?” “Yes.” “…Are you going to?”

Aff rebuttal: “Basically, we’re taking a small amount of money from the Iraq war, which is going to wrap up soon…”
Me thinking: Aww, how naive. Like you’re not going to get sent off to Iraq if you join the military in a couple of years.

Round Two:

During cx: “What is the environment in Africa?” “Poor.” “Could you describe poor?”

“…and chances are they’re going to spend it all on golden Mercedes and palaces.”
“Do you have proof of golden Mercedes and palaces?”

“My partner did not state that we have our own problems. She stated that we THINK we have our own problems.”

“Americans have no shortage of money, so we can tax them.”

“Many people get killed from drunk driving because of illegal immigration.”

“We do have our own problems–poverty, libel…” (LIBEL? WTF?)

“MRSA’s also a big problem… It’s very fatal.”

“According to yahoo.com…” (Always a credible source)

“We will go into a depression like the Great Depression, which was only cured by WWII.” (uh…)

“Do you have proof that there is poverty in the US?” “The USA. That’s my source.” … “TV is my source. My own EYES are my source.” (Might as well deny the holocaust…)

Round Three:

“The country of sub-Saharan Africa…” (uh…)

“Can you restate your speech in your own words?” “I believe my speech was in my own words.”

Quarter Final:

“What happens if your plan fails?” “Our plan won’t fail.”

“…unnatural disasters like a bomb. Or war.”


So last week Tuesday at poetry slam, we were writing about regret. As per usual, Thurman added a reference to himself: “…Mr. T still regrets never putting the moves on Lenore…” Ashley was reading the sheet with that on it (because I CAN delegate), except what SHE read was, “…Mr. T still regrets never putting the moves on Leroy.” And laughter ensued.