The majority of these quotes came from English class that day we talked about Hamlet’s Oedipus Complex. I believe it was the day WNB’s were due… But anyway, here’s a bunch of lovely quotes (including QotD, which is more like Qot week since I’ve been so lax, and it’s really only there cause it’s less than 100 characters):

Gabby: “They don’t make shorts with four-inch inseams for girls!”
Ashley: “They’re called pants.”

Xu (on the two versions of Hamlet): “…the fifty year old man version…” (Kenneth Brannaugh) and “…the anti-semitic drunk version…” (Mel Gibson)

Lydia (after being called on to speak): “I was just going to agree with Eric… Which is weird.”

BG: Gabby STILL hasn’t turned in her Federal Card. Camper was calling role or something like that, turns to Gabby, and says,
Camper: “System abusing freeloader?”

BG: Someone might have mentioned the theory that Ophelia was preggers when she killed herself based on some crackpot theory. We told Camper.
Camper: “Who told you that?”
Ashley: “His name might have started with ‘Patrick Handley’.”

BG: Gabby doesn’t think Hamlet and Ophelia were doing the matress mambo. The horizontal tango. IT. Camper says they were like, thirty, then:
Camper: “What did you think they were, library partners?”

BG: The girls think Hamlet has an Oedipus Complex. The boys disagree.
Camper: “You guys are uncomfortable with that because it’s plagued you your whole lives.”

Xu (also about the Oedipus Complex): “If that ever happened to me, I’d throw myself off the Lesner Bridge, and if that didn’t work, I’d bludgeon myself to death.”
Camper: “Thou doth protest too much, methinks.”

Chris: “I’d like to defend the Oedipus thing.”
Xu: “Why are you so gay?”

Okay, moving on to other classes. First, from ToK about homecoming stuff:

Kaitlin (explaining the hall): “…an entertainment district, a fashion district…”
Brinn (whispering to Sarah): “Red light district?”
Okay, it’s funny. If it were anyone else it would deserve to be here. I can be funny too.

My favorite moment from Hall night:
Stacey (about a painting): “This is SO WET.”
Ashley: “That’s what she said!”

Other favorite hall moment:
Ashley (about a locker cut out): “Just put it where the hole is.”
Brinn: “That’s what she said!”

From Bio today, while discussing how pregnancy tests are made and how to use them:
Walck: “…the boys from last class thought you stuck the stick up the vagina.”
Spam: “That’s how you GET pregnant.”

And two from the Schol Bowl meet against OL today:

Answer to some question: Bounded set.
Spam: “You know, like, ‘I tied you up and bound you.'”

Question (Wilkes reading): “In 1984, holding two contradictory thoughts in one’s mind is called–”
Wilkes: “The answer is doublethink. Today, we call that the Bush admin–” *laughter from room* “But I digress.”

That’s all the quotes, but I do have one very short but very hilarious story:

So the other day, we’re chillin in History before the bell. You know, hanging out, finishing homework. And across the room, TO MRS. PETYKOWSKI, Nick Kirby yells, “Hey, mom!”

He then clarified: “I want to call my mom, that’s why I said that, Mrs. Petykowski.”

But Nick Kirby still called PK “mom”.