Hello, my darlings, and welcome to another fun-filled LJ entry. In this edition, we have many a funny bio quote (so you’ll need to have a basis of immunity, depending on how well I can explain), some stuff from Nick and David’s ToK presentation on history, and a few funny stories that occured along the way. We’ll do this chronologically, kids. And the stories at the end. So, starting with ToK yesterday:

BG: Nick holds up a picture of a historical figure, asks who it is, what we know about him (they were all male, surprise surprise), and how we know it. This particular one is of Abe Lincoln.
Sophie: “I don’t remember his name, but he was the first president.”
Class: “…” *laugh*
Smith/Brinn/Half the class: “It’s okay, she’s foreign.”
(She’s Dutch. What can we say?)

(This one is Martin Luther King Junior)
Nick: “What do you know?”
Dale: “He was assassinated.”
Nick: “How do you know?”
Dale: “You don’t see him walking around!”

BG: I said something about there being personal history, like of yourself, and Gabby said it doesn’t matter since my personal history doesn’t make a difference in the world.
Nick: “What if Brinn becomes famous?”
Gabby: “If Brinn becomes a crazy dictator–”
Brinn: “Of all the things I could be famous for, I’m a crazy dictator?”
Gabby: “That’s what I felt personified you the most.”

BG: Nick asked us what color shirt he wore Friday. We guessed. He told us a color.
Nick: “I told you what I wore.”
Gabby: “You don’t even remember what you wore, do you?”
Nick: “The point is…”
(Meaning no.)

BG: On the use of history:
Valerie: “I don’t think it matters at all. And I have Petykowski, so I’m okay.” […] “I think history should be regarded as a hobby.”

BG: Zach said something about learning from WWII and bombing Japan or something. I didn’t quite catch it. Something like them learning not to mess with us.
Zach: “Maybe we’re not learning, but they are.”

Gabby: “[The SOL is the] lowest common denomenator or you’re an idiot.”

Sophie: “If someone puts [an atomic bomb] in front of me, I’m not going to set it off.” […] “It’s probably not going to happen.”
Class: “…Probably?

Nick: “[The SOL tests] are not hard. It weeds out the…”
(Stupid kids.)

Collin: “[Jamestown]. 1607. Everyone died. They had bad water. OH, and it was a giant triangle.”

And now for the bio ones (including QotD):

BG: Conally and Alyssa are acting out the humoral response. Conally is a B-cell and Alyssa is a pathogen.Conally ran at Alyssa (intending to “engulf” her or whatever, and Alyssa ran out the door.
Walck: “That’s how antibodies work–scare the hell out of the pathogen.”
(YES, she said hell.)

BG: Gabby and I acted out hybridoma by walked toward each other and hugging.The point of this activity, by the way, was for the class to guess what we were.
Xu: “Lesbians!”

And now for story time. I feel as though I should start with the bio one because it was the funniest. It’s kind of hard to explain so you get it and I wish I’d had my camera, but bear with me. So Xu and Neal (I know, oh God) were acting out the transmission of HIV. So they stand at the front of the class, flipping their hands around at a 45 degree angle, talking with a lisp, and being very touchy-feely. Neal walks away from Xu, and Xu pantomimes lasso’ing Neal back to him, and the two of them sort of back up out of the door of the classroom. By this point, we’re all laughing so hard we’re crying and starting to wonder why Xu and Neal are taking so long outside of the room. Then Neal comes back in a few moments later, his sweater pulled up over his head and looking very mussed. A few moments later, Xu walked in, also looking very mussed. And it took several minutes before the class was able to calm down enough to do anything else.