(On the subject of presentations in English)
Camper: “We’ll have a lottery to see who goes first.”
Me: “We should just stone that person.” (Ya know, The Lottery?)
Ashley: “Unless they’re already stoned.”

(My Journalism teacher, Thurman, handed out a matching worksheet featuring famous women in Journalism)
Me: “Christiane Amanpour? Why is she not on here?”
Thurman: “Old list?”
Me: “But Katie Couric is on here!”
Thurman: “She’s perky. We only like perky women.”

(on a Spanish summer program and its free cost)
Cosimano: “You just have to get yourself to Richmond.”
Margo: “HRT yourself there, girl!”

(While mocking private school kids who asked dumb questions at a play)
Camper: “Did you hear the one–‘Were the Russians on the side of the Allies?'”
Gabby: “Did you take history?”
Camper: “Exactly! Someone owes your parents ten thousand dollars!”

(while looking over a just-returned test)
Eric: “I can’t help but notice that most of these [errors] are spelling. Does spelling still count?”
Camper: “What…?”
Eric: “I might have spelled ‘learned’ with a t…”
Camper: “Learnt?!

(Donald, Lydia, and Toni go off to an SCA senate meeting. As they are walking out the door–)
Camper: “Beware the ides of March! Beware the ides of March!”
Class: “…”
Camper: “Oh, it’s not March. But you could still get stabbed!”
Class: *alarmed* “…”
Camper: “In the senate!”
Class: “…”
Camper: “I was making an allusion! To Ceasar!”
Class: “…Right.”