More funneh from a B-day, which includes history, spanish, Journalism, ToK, and a scholastic bowl meeting (QotD courtesy of PK).


Lindsey: “Raven! …By that, I mean Mrs. Petykowski.”

Eric: “How long did Goerring have his morphine addiction?”
Petykowski: “I think it’s an old one. It goes back pretty far.”
Alannah: “That’s powerful stuff.” *beat* “So I’ve heard.”

Petykowski: “[Hitler and Goerring form] a partnership of evil.”


Maria (a girl FROM SPAIN): “…mi amiga’s locker…”


Sarah: “Even if you study, you won’t necessarily do better.”
Valerie: “Well, I wouldn’t know; I don’t study. I thought it sounded good.”

Brinn: “How do you know that isn’t random?”
David: “Brinn, what is this, ToK?”