Quotes! A day, so today they are from English, Bio, and debate. QotD courtesy of Spam in bio on the subject of Walck’s drawing of a kidney.


Okay, there’s a lot of set up to this one. So today in English, we did presentations of scenes from The Mill on the Floss. Eric’s group did the scene where Maggie runs off to join the gypsies. Eric dressed up in underarmor (on his bottom half only, mind), and scarves tied on his bottom half for a skirt and on his top half for a tube top. Also, he had on a very messy, matted, wig.

Camper: “Eric’s a lot bitchier as a girl.”

Ashley: “He’s a nappy-headed ho.”

Lydia: “Where is the queen of the gypsies?”
Brinn: “I think Eric is the queen of the gypsies.”
Ashley: “He’s a queen, alright.”

Kevin: “We’ll take you [Maggie] on donkey. It gets like, 25 miles to the gallon.”

(Amy gives Kevin money for returning Lydia)
Kevin (to Eric): “So what can I get for five shillings?”
One, two, three–
Class: *death by laughter*


(on Deeva having kids)
Deeva: “I want to move to India so I can beat them.”
Spam: “You can beat them here.”
Brinn: “You just can’t get caught.”

(diagnosing endocrine issues)
Walck: “..sleeping briefly during the day and cannot fall asleep during the night hours.”
Spam: “IB.”

(Referencing English class)
Eric: “I looked like a… two dollar hooker…”
Walck: “I don’t think you’d get two dollars. That’s optimistic.”

Alex, telling a story about RI: “…our neighbors were like, ‘Woah, you caught a seagull!’ They were from Texas, which I don’t think has anything to do with it, so I probably shouldn’t have said it. Anyway, he was like, ‘Let me get my gun…'”


(Krista’s bill is about legalizing marajuana and making it a cash crop)
Jackson: “Do you know where it can grow?”
Krista: “In closets.”

(On defensive arguments)
Krista: “I’m a strong leader, I have a background in communications, and I did NOT sleep with that woman.”

(about a couple that morgaged their house to pay for Hannah Montana tickets)
Jackson: “I don’t know, there are a lot of fifteen-year-old parents running around.”

Later at home, on the subject of college applications and a girl who applied (and was accepted to) an all-male military college)
My mother: “…Her name was Shannon, so–. They ask for gender on the application. She left it blank, and she got accepted. And then when she showed up with her boobs…”
My father: “She should have left those at home.”