Quote time! Whoooooo!

Sarah: “…like if you stuck a urinal on the sidewalk, that’s art.”
Collin: “That’d be convienient.”

Nick: “…according to the book of Hamlet.”

Gabby: “Do you think women should be drafted?”
Zach: “What do you think?”
Gabby: “I can’t talk that much.”

Sarah: “If Nick Cannon’s against abortion, is there really any argument?”

Raeshon, asking a question from Mill on the Floss: “Which type of knowledge betters mankind?”
Collin: “Math.”

Krista: “…Whatever floats your boat.”
McHugh: “I spent enough time in the Navy; I don’t need your innocuous ‘float your boat’… I was on submarines, so I was taking them down.”
Krista: “…Whatever sinks your German ship…”

Sarah: “That’s tough: Be eaten or go to Russia?”

Lindsay (as Roosevelt in Yalta): “Look at the beach! Good thing I brought my bathing suit. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring funcional legs.”