QUOTES! Subject courtesy of Siarra.

BG: Rumors that the security guard that killed his girlfriend hanged himself while in prison. Also, Eric was leaving to change after having been dressed up like a girl in English.
Eric: “I’m… gonna go kill myself.”
Ashley: “Like Mr. Henry!”

Rosalie: “Weed isn’t a curse word.”

Collin: “…30 minutes is a lot longer than 20 or 10.”
Smith: *deadpan* “Oh. Is it?”

Zach: “…Pretty much, airports are just happy places.”

David, reading Eric’s literary analysis: “…this shows that Stephan is ‘literally a cess pool of desire’… Someone doesn’t know the meaning of literally.”

Smith holds up a bag of plastic utensils.
Dale: “Can you pull a knife out of there for me?”
Smith: “Sophie’s probably got one in her purse.”
She may have brought a butcher knife to school by mistake.

Dale on cooking: “…It’s kind of like potion making.”

Siarra, on the song “Remembering Sunday” by All Time Low: *singing* “Funny how it CLICHED all day…”
The actual song lyric is “Funny how it rained all day.” She didn’t even miss a beat.

Derek on scholastic bowl team questions: “The A questions were like, ‘What school are you in right now?’ The B questions were like, ‘What was the temperature on March third in Los Angeles?'”
We were B. Surprise surprise.

Petykowski during scholastic bowl practice: “If you neg, we take you out back and shoot you.”