Melissa Muldenado: “Her cleavage is always… flowing out.”

Thurman: “It’s so much ‘fun’.” (air quotes)
Marion: “Are those smart quotes?”
Thurman: “They’re euphamism quotes.”

Raeshon, in a Bell Jar oral commentary: “Buddy seems like kind of a prick, I guess.”

Eric’s ‘John Donne’ poem: “It’s merely a love potion…”
Ashley: “AKA, a roofie.”

Katy, to the TV: “Why are you talking, Hillary Clinton? No one wants to hear you.”

Gabby: “Kiera Knightly’s like a board.”
David: “A hot board.”

(Jen is gymnastics god but doesn’t want to be mentioned in the paper cause she runs sports)
TaQuana: “So if you found the cure for cancer, we couldn’t interview you?”
Jen: “I guess not. If I was in charge of the cancer section.”

Ashley on the subject of Kaitlin Nagourney (sp): “On a scale of one to functional, she’s barely breathing.”

Someone on the Page staff: “Who’s in chorus that has a really good voice?”
Sam: “…None of them.”

Brinn: “I wore two different socks to school today. I mean mismatched. I normally wear two different socks.” *chuckle*
Siarra: “…I don’t get it.”
Brinn: “…As opposed to one…?”
Siarra: “I still don’t get it.”
Brinn: *headtable*

And finally, a picture. This picture is, and I’m serious, the most phallic picture I have ever seen that is NOT actually of a penis. Are you ready for this?



Are you sure?








So I guess nukes = penises for real. Huh.

This explains the Cold War so much.

But seriously, who puts that picture on the COVER? Painted that COLOR? Oi. Oi vey.