Subject line courtesy of Collin, on contraception. Yeah.

More quotes:

Camper: “When you’re smart, you can bang out a short [poem] like this very quickly.”
Xu: *giggles*
Kevin: “That’s what she said.”

In Spanish, I think:
“[Does Pink Floyd still produce albums?]”
“Tupac’s dead and he still makes them.”

Cosimano: “Roberto toca los tamborines como si–”
Rosalie: “…fuera una chica.”
[Logan plays the drums as if–]
[He were a girl.]

Cosimano: “Ella va al mall.”

Spam: “[This thing that everyone wants in a Donne poem]. It’s like an iPhone.”

Schol Bowl question: “…which sounds like the same of a fictional element.”
(answer is Itanium or Itechium or something like that)
PK: “Which element is that?”
Schol Bowl team: “…Chemical element. Like titanium.”
PK: “Oh, I was thinking like, personification.”

Camper on Donne poetry: “Holy Sonnets, Batman!”

McHugh: “Why do some of you only have one answer here?”
Amanda: “Cause I didn’t know the other one.”

Camper, on Church Oral Commentaries: “i’ll have some candy and some markers, so you’ll be fine.”
Xu: “And a noose.”
Camper: “And a noose.”

McHugh, demonstrating why banks round in their favor: “Do you know what that .07471 is worth to the bank over thousands and thousands of customers?”
Someone: “Four dollars.”

Also, not really a quote I heard, but quite possibly one of the best quotes I’ve ever seen:
“Roses are red,
Violets are blue
All of my base
Are belong to you.”