Subject line courtesy of me and my sister, respectively.

More quotes:

Brinn: “Tengo una cicatriz en mi cara cuando–”
Rosalie (not paying attention): “…Borracho…”
[I have a scar on my face from when–]

Rosalie: “Yo quiero rompe lo bajo.”
[Quite literally, “I want to break it down.”]

Announcement: “It’s Madam CJ Walker, the first black female self-made millionaire.”
Raeshon: “No it’s not.”

[Schol bowl question]
Derek: “What?”
Brinn: “Senator Mark Hanna is from where?”
Derek: “Montana!”

Spam’s (legit) answer: “Wallace.”
PK: “No.”
Brinn: “Grommit.”

PK: “What is the geometric mean of 4 and 15? Looks like the answer’s in squirts.”
Victor: “The square root of 241.”
PK: “Oh, that’s what that means.”

Spam in a John Donne oral commentary: “…rape him with piousness.”

Collin: “You can’t say God is a rapist.”
Camper: “Someone already did.”
Chris: “Well, that person’s going to hell.”

Dad: “Is the fish New Orleans style?”
Brinn: “No, cause then it would be burnt and drowned.”

Dad: “Can I get a cup of black coffee?”
Waitress: *pause* “What kind of black?”
Fam: “…”
Brinn: “American Samoan? Hatian?”

Brinn: “Look, I’m on AIM!”
Siarra: “Your mom’s on AIM.”
Brinn: “Mom, you’re on AIM?”
Dad: “That’s what I do when I have a gun in my pocket. Aim. It at your mother.”
(He was joking.)