Subject line from Wilkes, portraying a drunk, and Neal.

Walck: “Drinking, by the way, is not a glass of wine at dinner and a margarita here and there cause that’s okay. …nothing’s better than chips and a margarita…”

(Walck mentions how drug euphoria is just fake happiness)
Shriui: “If only I had some Soma. That’s real euphoria.”

PK: “Emperor Wu, who ruled China between [dates] is a member of which dynasty?”
Deeva: “Wutang!”

Melissa: “Is she caucasion with blonde hair?”
Ashley: “Caucasion?”
Melissa: “Well I didn’t want to say, ‘She a white gurl.'”

Camper, on Hedda Gabler: “Can you think of something about George that would make him act that way?”
Someone: “He’s drunk.”

Collin: “Don’t you have something tall to jump off of, like the Empire State Building?”
Brinn: “They have suicide nets; you can’t.”
Collin: “If you have enough determinism…”
Brinn: “…determinism?”
Collin: “…Determination.”

(Collin=Lovberg and Lydia=Hedda)
Camper: “Move closer!”
Collin: *moves in the opposite direction away from Lydia*
Camper: “When you’re in college, you’ll learn girls don’t have cooties, Collin.”
Collin: “BS! That’s how you get STDs!”

Dad: “That’s how it begins.”
Brinn: “How what begins?”
Dad: “Relations.”
Brother: “With that woman?”
Brinn: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Or that man.”
Dad: “Well, the last time we heard that, it was a lie.”

(Apparently, they’re building either a Target or an Ikea behind the mall and the other where HQ used to be on the blvd)
Brinn: “I hope they build a Target.”
Siarra: “I hope they build both. In the same spot.”
Brinn: “Itarget?”
Siarra: “Tarkea.”