Subject line de PK en la clase de historia.

Zach: “I thought Boxer was the working class.”
Class: “…That IS the proletariat.”

PK: “What was a bad result of collectivism?”
Kristin/Brinn: “Massive death?”
PK: “The f word.”
Class: “…”
Kristin: “…famine?”
PK: “THAT f word!”

Thurman on political cartoons: “Hillary Clinton is the devil’s bastard child! Oh no! I’m not voting for her!” *few moments* “I’m not saying it’s not true…”

Brinn, reading a slogan for the USSR: “From Lenin’s lips to Stalin’s ears, he–”
Nick: “Ew!”

PK: “Stalin’s like a jelly donut cause he’s soft on the inside. Not.”

Guy supposedt to be fixing light: “Is this a bad time?”
PK: “Probably better than interrupting Mrs. Smith’s class.”

PK: “How did Stalin keep up morale?”
Brinn: “LIES.”
PK: “Well he didn’t call it that.”
Someone: “Propaganda.”
PK: “The fancy word for lies.
*few moments; Nick doesn’t have book*
PK to Nick: “You said you’d step it up in this class!”
Xu: “Was it propaganda?”

Chris: “The question is, has [Hillary] hit menopause yet? Cause we could be in a war and she’d be like, ‘Aw, just fuckin’ nuke ’em.”

Chris: “It’s not rape if you yell surprise.”

Chris: “Don’t drink and drive. Unless you’re really thirsty.”

PK: “Remember Napoleon?”
Class: “Vaguely…”
Nick: “He was French, right?”

Neal, on pill bugs: “They’re like the cheetahs of the insect community!”

Someone (Xu?): “Move your ass!”
Walck: “HEY! Don’t talk to the pill bugs like that!”

[Schol Bowl question]
Jess: “Is it a mandola?”
Deeva: “What’s a mandola?”
Victor: “It’s a gondola for men! A MAN-dola!”

Victor: “Everyone played in a rock band in the sixties.”
PK: “Not everyone.”
Harrison: “Pretty much.”
PK: “Did you?”
Harrison: “Yep.”

McHugh: “Everything is dependent on calculus.”
Krista: “Is God?”

Camper, after Kevin’s oral commentary: “When you say, ‘Claudius and Gertrude are obviously sleeping together’, do you mean, ‘They’re married’?”

Camper, on missing things like similies at the church commentaries: “Those are the things that make me choke you.”
Xu: “There are rules against teachers touching–”
Camper: “Not at the church. It’s off school property.”

Camper, continuing the violent imagery while describing her demeanor at the church: “I’m not gonna be like-” *machine gun pantomime*