Subject line courtesy of McHugh.

PK, on a schol bowl answer: “They were life partners. Get your minds out of the gutter.”
Team: “…”
Victor: “We weren’t thinking that. Get your mind out of the gutter.”

Deeva: *is talking*
Derek: *buzzes* “I wanted to interupt.”
(You can buzz before the end of the question to answer, called an interupt. Well, I thought it was funny anyway.)

(During a history test)
Zach: “My pen just ran out of ink.”
Lindsey: “I gotcha!” *gives him a pen*
Zach: “I owe you my life.”
Lindsey: “Yep.”

Amy (I think about her English IA): “…and guess what I got?”
Raeshon: “A baby?”
Amy: “Yep. My due date was Saturday.”

Thurman (to Marion): “Why do you have a black eye?”
Melissa: “She got smart and I punched her.”

Jaeda: “Brinn, are you smart?”
Brinn: “…Yes…?”
Ashley: “She’s smarter than a fifth grader.”

Melissa: “AMY! I wasn’t paying attention when you were talking to me. What were the numbers again?”

Thurman: “The freshmen… they’re like another race!”
Ashley: “Take us to your leader!”
Siarra: “Mr. Rhue?”

Announcement: “IB seniors! You must see Mrs. Walck in room 325 or 331 to schedule a CAS exit interview.”
Xu: “Oh FUCK.”

Collin during an English presentation: “According to… James Monaco…”
(Who is just a kid who graduated two years ago and while in town, came to our English class and rambled for an hour about Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Raeshon to Camper: “Is James gay?”
Camper: “No, he’s just a cool guy. Not all cool guys are gay. Most of them are, but not all of them.”

Xu, on Waiting for Godot: “They’re gay.”
Camper: “Try not to put your own biases in it.”
*several beats*
Class: *laughs*

McHugh while demonstrating a math problem: “Didn’t we already do 0 and 3? What is this crap?!”

Walck: “Don’t tell [Mrs. Cox] I decided that. [The book thing]. She can find out later.”

Nick Kirby in the middle of history class: “Do you ever look at the map and feel really insignificant?”