PK: “…strategic hamlets. Like, small village, not ‘Alas, poor Yoric…'”

Amanda: “You’re such a mean teacher!”
McHugh: “Mean means average.”

Walck, on Victoria selling candy: “She’s too busy dealing drugs. Remember, caffiene’s a drug.”

Cox: “No double dicking. … No double DIPPING.”

Walck, on previous IB tests: “I had students come back and say, ‘I didn’t know what an ion was.’ Okay, please go down to the chemistry hallway so Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Kerr can shoot you so I don’t have to.”

Camper: “Here are the themes from last night.”
Ashley: “OOH! What were you doing last night?”

Ashley, on attendence: “We’re rolling 12 deep.”
Camper: “We’re missing two, so we’re rolling… 14 deep?”

Amanda on the budget project: “I’m going to be married to the secretary of state.”
McHugh: “Well, seeing as the Secretary of State is Condaleeza Rice…”

Petykowski on song lyrics from WWI: “…a comforting fag. That’s in the cigarette sense. We’re all gay, so… No. See what you’ve done with your modern language to these World War One songs!”

Jess, while picking a group for an English project: “I want Kevin!”
Camper: “This is for work, not for…”