Miles, while looking for art for an editorial: “We’ve done Palin’s face way too much.”
Someone: “That’s what he said!”

Cosmos, while telling a story and handing back tests at the same time: “Here’s your history question–Becky Little?”

Cosmos on camouflage from deer: “We know what a tree looks like, so we dress so we look like trees. What we forget, of course, is that trees don’t move–except in Macbeth.”

Miles, while looking for STD statistics: “Okay, syphalis and chlamydia are the two I do NOT want.”

Mairin: “So the person that tried to kill my ex-boyfriend got arrested, so I’m happy.”
Bethany: (something something) “…assassination attempt.”
Mairin: “Yeah, I dated JFK. Just kidding. I wish.”

(a girl we don’t recognize walks by the room)
Mairin: “Jamie, are you backing biddies now?”

Elizabeth: “I had a beer before noon today. It was GREAT.”

Joey, about taking a picture of a yoga pose: “Can we do it from behind?” (few seconds later) “Can someone PLEASE say that’s what she said? I said ‘Can we do it from behind?’!”

(During the presidential debate, McCain tells a long story about how he wears a bracelet with the name of a guy who died in Iraq. Obama, to counter, says, “Well, John, I have a bracelet too.”)
Michelle, from down the hallway: “Where are they getting all these bracelets?!”

Medina, about accomodation and conflict resolution: “That’s called appeasement! That’s how we almost lost the war!”

BG: After the Obama rally on Saturday, Jon and I could walk due to sucky knees. Sarah, Joe, Jon and I were in Jon’s room, and I was lying on the floor. Janet proceeded to walk in with Will and Dillon.

Janet: *introduces Dillon to Jon and Sarah*
Brinn: “And I’m Brinn because Janet doesn’t feel the need to introduce me.”
Janet: “I would have introduced you, but you’re on the floor.”

Will, just noticing Brinn on the floor: “Woah! Most of the time, I pretend to be oblivious, and sometimes it really happens.”

Joe, on why Jon, Sarah, and I couldn’t go upstairs to find people with whom to order Chinese food: “They’re broken and she’s [Sarah’s] dead.”
Janet: “What does that make you, hospice?”