Some guy in Political Science: “What if someone got 100% of the vote?”
Coop: “That would be… remarkable. Maybe if Jesus came down from the heavens, and even then I don’t think…”
Next class:
Different person: “What is someone got 100% of the vote?”
Coop: “That person would have to be Jesus Christ. I don’t even think he would get allt he votes. Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart, maybe that one.”

(we were only responsible for two poems on this particular reading quiz)
Richards: “What kind of relationship are you going to have with these poems?”
Class: “…Close?”
Richards: “You will have an intimacy that borders on sexual.”

Coop: “This is TRULY a V8 moment!”

Coop, equating the song lyics “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” and proportional representation systems: “But you don’t REALLY love them! You’re USING them! Not for that; get your minds out of the collective gutter. You’re using them to form a working coalition of votes.”

Cosmos on cooking/smoking, as in smoked salmon: “I wonder if anyone ever used weed to smoke…”

Coop: “My right to dissent ends when my fist hits the side of your face.”

Coop, on tangible rewards of voting: “You get a lousy sticker! Perhaps if you’re four, that might be the stuff of dreams…”

(All you need to know for this one is that Bethany thinks knitters are sexy; ergo, knitting = sex. Also, we were watching the second presidential debate)
Michelle: “God, Tom Brokaw is SEXY. […] I bet he knits.”

Rev Payne during an FYE lecture about racism: “We’re gonna talk about how past is prologue.”
Brinn’s snarky (whispered) comment: “Thank you, Senator Biden.”
(cause that’s what he said during the VP debate…)

(McCain to Obama during the second debate: “We don’t telegraph our punches.”
Michelle (sarcastically): “Yeah, we still use telegraphs. It’s romantic.”

Will on the often mispronunciation of his last name, Douthitt: “A lot of people forget the first T. Or they forget that T-H makes the ‘thhh’ sound.”

Richards on a Whitman poem about death (an elogy): “What did Whitman take solace in?”
Katherine: “Prostitutes?”
Richards: “You could take solace in prostitutes. Then get a venereal disease and die.”
(We also read a section of Song of Myself which references a prostitute. She must have gotten them mixed up.)

(an answer on the quiz was a prostitute)
Richards: “Don’t you know that if it’s about sex, I’m gonna ask about it?”

Richards: “[Elogies] can be celebretory.”
Tara: “Like, ding dong the witch is dead?”
(not quite)