Fishbowl Life is a blog for mutual amusement for all parties involved. It is a collection of amusing stories, comments, quotes, and pictures from throughout my life, saved to make me laugh and shared to make you laugh as well.

I certainly hope you will find Fishbowl Life entertaining, and if I’m doing something wrong (or doing something right!) please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment and let me know! Please note that everyone has an equal opportunity to appear quoted or mentioned on this blog, and whether I like you or dislike you, if I laughed or if other people laughed, it’s likely to show up here. If you’re really embarrassed or uncomfortable with your quote being online, please let me know and I’ll remove it, but please remember this is just for amusement, and I’m not trying to make fun of or offend anyone. It’s all in good fun.

This blog was previously hosted on livejournal at Most of the back entries have been imported to WordPress, but if you’re really curious, feel free to check it out. Be warned though, most of the entries that are farther back are mostly me whining about my petty high school life.

Once again, look around, and I hope you find something that makes you laugh (or at least crack a smile).


PS: It might be important to know the following people:

Watkins: Journalism/newspaper adviser
Richards: English professor
Coop(erman): Political Science Professor
Cosmos: Linguistics Professor
And if you go back farther:
Walck: Biology teacher
PK (Petykowski): History teacher
Camper: English teacher
Thurman: Journalism/English teacher
Smith: Theory of Knowledge (it’s like philosophy)/English teacher
McHugh: Math teacher
Cox: IB coordinator of my high school
(I’ll update this section when I get new professors/people you should be aware of)